Are you READY TO be the voicE of your business?

To go all in with showing up as your unique, authentic self so that you can make genunie connections and serve your community.

Journaling to find your warrior voice within

Your voice is more than just the sound that comes out of your mouth. 
It includes your inner thoughts, arguably the most powerful part of your voice as they control your perspective, determinte your emotions and influence your actions. 
It includes your spoken and written words used in your marketing, your service, and all of your interactions with your community.
It includes your overall business message, why you are in business doing what you do.
It includes your face and body, your non-verbal communications, your tone, your attitude, your personality and your uniqueness.
It also includes your energy, which is why it is important to make sure your vibe is in sync with the rest of your voice. 



Allow me to be your guide, to take you on a journey of self-discovery to reignite your passions and kick down the blocks standing in your way.

Together we will find the CLARITY of not just want you want but why, the CONNECTION with all of yourself so everything you do is in alignment, and the CONFIDENCE to truly embody all of you.

Essential Oils

Natural, safe and effective, essential oils empower you with low-tox solutions to your everyday needs. Not only supporting you physically but also emotionally – the often overlooked element to your personal growth.

If you are ready to add more tools to your support tool box so that you can take responsibility for and control of your emotional wellbeing then essential oils are a must. Your journey for natural solutions starts here.

Diffuser Jewelry

Support your emotional wellbeing in style on the go while also smelling amazing – what more could a girl want?!

From gemstone bracelets to traditional malas to 925 Sterling Silver necklaces, there is something for ever my taste.

Unique one of a kind pieces made with love – I also take custom requests.


4 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence

4 Ways to Reclaim Your Confidence

In order to be the voice of your business and truly show up consistently and make the impact you are here to make, you need to have confidence. Confidence in yourself and confidence in your message. Confidence is one of those funny things that we all have bucket loads...

You can have it all!  When you use your voice and ask for help

You can have it all! When you use your voice and ask for help

I've been praised a lot in my life by very proud and boastful mother and grandmother.    The specifics of what I did have never really stuck - I was just living life.  But the one phrase that always stayed with me was.... she did it all on her own For some reason my...

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